Who We Are

We are a non-profit organisation mentoring teenage girls from marginalised communities, who have limited access to opportunities. We encourage them to EXPLORE and see their value and worth. We EQUIP them to make informed decisions alligned with their values and we INSPIRE them to develop a personal vision for their own lives.

Our logo – a mirror reflecting the words “IseeU”- reminds us that each girl is uniquely created with great potential and value. We aim to reflect their value back to them so that they develop the courage to live up to their potential.

IseeU was founded by Karen Nelson and Hayley Philander. They met many years ago as university graduates. Both studied Law at the University of Cape Town. Both strongly believe in the impact of mentoring as they have personally seen the benefits of mentoring in their own lives.

Karen and Hayley are driven by their desire to encourage young women to find their voice and see their value. They are passionate about creating connections between people and building bridges between communities. Their shared belief in individual value and worth and the power of connecting, led to the founding of IseeU.

They are inspired by the life stories of the people they meet and through IseeU they aim to create a safe space where many more stories will find expression.