What We Do

We offer a 3-year mentoring programme focused on self-awareness and career guidance. Our programme is designed to encourage self awareness; and to develop curiosity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

We encourage the exploration of the above themes in our weekly sessions, and through exposure to inspiring speakers and experiences. With the aim of increasing their social capital, we connect our mentees with our growing network of partners thus increasing their potential access to available opportunities.

In Year 1, our Grade 10 mentees attend weekly sessions focussed on developing critical thinking skills, good decision-making skills, and clear communication skills. The emphasis is on developing self-awareness and a values-based approach to life.

In Year 2, our Grade 11 mentees are encouraged to build on the foundational skills explored in Year 1, specifically in the context of making decisions about life after school. The emphasis is on career pathing and investigating the various post-school options best suited for them.

In Year 3, we assist our Grade 12 mentees with making application for their particular post-school endeavours and we support them in working towards the completion of their school career. The emphasis is on finishing well.

Throughout the programme we expose our mentees to speakers and experiences that will inspire them to develop a broader view of life.

Our Programme